Analisa errors Canon IX6560

1-2. Operator Call Error (by Alarm LED Lit in Orange) Troubleshooting Errors and warnings are displayed by the following ways: 1. Operator call errors are indicated by the Alarm LED lit in orange, and messages are displayed on the printer driver Status Monitor. 2 times No paper in the rear tray. Set the paper in the rear tray, and press the Resume/Cancel button. If the error is not cleared,confirm that no foreign material is inside the paper feed slot. - PE sensor board ass'y - ASF unit - Pressure roller unit 3 times Paper jam. [1300] Remove the jammed paper and press the Resume/Cancel button. - ASF unit - Pressure roller unit 4 times Ink may have run out. Replace the applicable ink tank, or press the Resume/Cancel button to clear the error without ink tank replacement. When the error is cleared by pressing the Resume/Cancel button, ink may run out during printing. - Spur unit Ink tank not installed. - Ink tank - Carriage unit 5 times Print head not installed, or not properly installed. Install the print head properly. If the error is not cleared, confirm that the print head contact pins of the carriage are not bent. - Print head - Carriage unit Faulty print head Service Call Error (by Cyclic Blinking of Alarm and Power LEDs) blinking of Alarm and Power LEDs Error Error 2 times Carriage error (1) Smearing or scratches on the carriage slit film: Clean the film using lint-free paper. (2) Foreign material that obstructs the carriage movement: Remove foreign material. (3) Ink tank conditions:Re-set the ink tanks. 3 times Line feed error [6000] (1) Smearing or scratches on the LF slit film: Clean the LF slit film using lintfree paper. (2) Foreign material in the LF drive: Remove foreign material. (3) Cable connection Re-connect the cables. If any damage or breakage of the cable is found, replace the cable. 4 times Purge cam sensor error Foreign material around the purge drive system unit: Remove foreign material. (2) Cable connection: - LF encoder cable - Purge drive system unit - Logic board ass'y 5 times ASF (cam) sensor error (1) Cable connection: - PE sensor cable, etc.Re-connect the cable. - ASF unit - PE sensor board ass'y - Logic board ass'y 6 times Internal temperature error (1) Cable connection: - Between the spur unit and the logic board, J703 connector, etc.Re-connect the cable. - Spur unit - Logic board ass'y - Print head