Modification of printer errors

Modification of printer errors
Based on my personal experience since 1997 ago
I now share so many errors that occur, due to a lack of understanding how a printer can work well after doing the addition of extra cartridge.
some mistakes that I often find
1. installation just installed, (not tested in detail) and Causes a printer to malfunction)
2 each additional unit on a printer, there should be a reduction in the physical printer itself (if this is not done, then the printer will definitely problematic)
3 is his usual done by a lack, an understanding of the printer itself, and the lack of understanding of the purpose of one's customers, installing an additional unit (extra cartridge)
The following code / instructions from canon brand printers, which has been modified and experiencing problems due to installation / addition of exterior cartridge

mp250/258/189 canon printers, error information

 L. E: 02, = paper stuck / jam
check .. (1) on the inside of the hose snagged on mechanics
             (2) the length of hose that is attached does not match the length of the horizontal movement catrige

LL. prints are not good,  This problem often occurs because
(1) the position of the ink distributor hose pinched / folded
(2) cap on the tube is not already open position
(3) hose clogged ink supplier


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